New staff member introduction

Hi, my name is Sarah, and it gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as Ethical Stationary’s new Sales and Marketing assistant.

When I found out about Ethical Stationery and the work it does, I felt I needed to be a part of a company making such a difference. When I met Yasmin and Bruce, this feeling grew as I listened to their passion for making a change. I am currently an apprentice and hope to also do great work for my community. I feel one person can be a majority. One person can better the environment. It takes one person to push awareness and inspire others to do the same.

Ethical Stationery has asked me to think of something that I genuinely care for. My answer to this question is learning.

I need to learn all the ways in which I can make a difference.

We have a generation of people waiting for change, and I want to help inspire the change within them.

The responsibility falls on all of us. During my short time working with the company, I have already learned so much. My eyes are now open to the ethics behind how products are made. I am on a new journey learning how these products affect the environment. Growing up, I always recycled and cared about the state of the environment. I am entirely hopeful that this is a solvable problem.

The question is – who solves it? The people creating the emissions in the first place, who have the power and science to change the way they make things? Or the people consuming the products, who don’t really know what the impacts are?