One of the easiest ways to bring your organisation into ethical trading is through your kitchen. There are a huge variety of Fairtrade teas available on the market, but some are still better than others.  A really good starting point is Clipper.  

Clipper is just about the only tea provider we know which has paper teabags which don’t contain plastic.

Then there is Nemi. Nemi takes fair trade to a whole new level.  

Nemi is a London-based tea company offering a variety of whole leaf tea blends as loose tea, and in biodegradable tea pyramids along with a chai syrup for chai lattes, iced teas and chai cocktails! 

Nemi is a strong believer in creating positive change through business, and provides employment to refugees to help them integrate in the UK.

Nemi employs refugees to run tea stalls across London food markets, festivals, events and conferences which allows refugees to boost their English skills, regain confidence and work on skills required to enter the UK job market.

Nemi also employs them within the business to perform commercial roles including sales & marketing, events, packaging and distribution.

Nemi is solely impact driven and re-invests more than 50% of its profits back into its enterprise to help achieve their social-impact goals.

To find out more, read this piece in the Guardian here.