amey II Draft Giving

Happy Centenary Amey

Amey is an incredible organisation. We can only imagine what it takes to be successful for a century. However, from observation, we see something about today’s Amey’s culture might hint at how you have achieved this fantastic milestone. We see a well-run company that does the difficult jobs very well and is committed to the communities it serves. We see a company that is aware of its past but looks to the future.

We were asked to curate a celebratory hamper that reflected the best of Amey. The products had to be of the highest quality; they had to give back to the communities they came from, and with an eye to the future, they had to be entirely sustainable. Some of the products were commissioned specifically for you. Many of the manufacturers changed the way they worked as a result of this order. Each of them represents the best in social and environmental procurement.

This Procurement was Social:

Hours Of Living Wage Employment
Disadvantaged People Accessed Work
Social Value
Hot meals for the homeless

What's in the bag?

Business for good

Divine Chocolate

Supporting women farmers

Divine are a female-led social enterprise that supports predominantly female Coco farmers through fair trade, education, and environmental support.  Divine chocolate has been palm-oil free since 2013 and has taken a leadership role in conserving the rainforest areas of West Africa. 

Because of the scale of the order, we placed with Divine; we negotiated both our own bar, a specific blend just for Amey and different packaging that removed two single used plastics for each bar. 

“Divine Chocolate are really passionate about making a difference.   The way they support women farmers and are challenging inequality in the industry really made me think more about what is behind the production of a luxury product sold in the UK. Divine support Fairtrade  which means better workers’ rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay.  My shopping choices will definitely change having seen the positive impact they give back to the farming communities in Ghana”.

Philippa Patterson Amey Secure Infrastructure

David Fawcett, Social Value Manager, Phillipa Patterson - Secure Infrastructure, Lara Akers from Amey Consulting visit the Divine offices for a lesson in Chocolate.

Two Farmers Crisps

Leading Environmental innovation

Two farmers Crisps are run by Sean and Mark. Two of the most passionate business owners you will ever meet. They stand for everything we hold most dear. Two farmers use local produce, the potatoes they grow themselves, local flavourings, low food miles and protecting their rural community. Along the way, they have solved a problem that has eluded some of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

One of the most challenging environmental problems is how to recycle a crisp packet. It should be easy, but the simple answer is you can’t, and the problem is bigger than you might think. One factory in Leicester produces 11 million packets of single-use plastic a day, many of them destined to litter the streets or end up in the oceans. Sean and Mark figured out that you might not be able to recycle them – but you can create a compostable packet.

It might just be a packet of delicious crisps in your hand, but it’s also a revolutionary world-first – brought to you from the heart of Herefordshire.

Two Farmers Crisps, really are made by two farmers, Sean and Mark. They are incredibly passionate about local produce and the environment.

“The story behind the 100% compostable crisp packaging and the determination by Two Farmers to find this solution was really interesting. Crisp packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle, so being able to compost them at home is brilliant.”

Daniella Ord-Hume
Amey Consulting

“What struck me the most about the visit to Two Farmers and meeting Mark and Sean was their enthusiasm , professionalism and commitment to deliver the very best product in the most environmentally friendly way possible. “

David Fawcett

Jamila's Ethical Coffee

helping Dementia families

All the best memories of my parents seemed to have the click of a kettle as their soundtrack. I would sit with them in their tiny kitchen and share the stories of my life over a steaming mug. At first, we would be the children coming home from school; then, my children would be running around as we chatted. Even when mum got Dementia, the click of a kettle was the ritual that brought us together more easily.

Before she died, I told her that I was going to make a coffee in her name. I promised her that it would be as tasty and heartwarming as her cooking. My mum believed in looking out for her neighbours and gave me great values, so she loved it when I told her it would be Fairtrade and organic. I didn’t know then that we would also develop the first plastic-free, home recyclable coffee tin or that we would be able to print straight onto the container to save paper, but she would have enjoyed that too.

I wish she could see it; she would be so proud her name was on a coffee tin where all the proceeds went to helping people suffering from the same disease she had.

To launch our coffee we have produced a 100g jar for you to try at home.  100% of the proceeds go towards dementia care in the UK.  The order gave us the scale to access the international coffee bean market and bring the product to life. The packaging is designed to be the first entirely plastic free, paper free pot that can be dropped into household recycling when finished with – or reused however you like.

Yasmin, receiving the first delivery of the Coffee made in her mothers memory. Complete with the first bio wrap the distribution agency had used.

This Procurement was Environmental:

Single Use Plastics Eliminated
KGCO2 Saved
Items With Reduced Packaging
Plastic Free Packaging

Nemi Tea's

Supporting refugees

Nemi is a specialist tea company that supports refugees by giving them work and education opportunities. Nemi believes that good taste starts with good business. So they make premium tea products that spark enjoyment and create opportunities for refugees to shape their journey. Nemi gives employment to refugees in their Cafe’s and distribution centres. All Nemi teas are fairtrade, organic and plastic-free.

The lessons learned by fulfilling this order have been invaluable to understanding how to scale and grow the brand. Nemi doesn’t have orders of this volume and has used this experience to learn about scale in the industry. We were also able to advise them on packaging reduction whilst retaining their brand.

I was surprised how a small company like Nemi Teas makes such a huge difference to so many lives, from helping refugees settle in the country, taking  them through education, work placement and then full time employment. They are an awesome company doing the work they do and doing it without fuss.

Lara Akers

This order helped fund the salary of our newest staff member, Ashkan, a refugee from Iran.

Nemi teas


Refuge Chocolate Melt

helping victims of human trafficking

Refuge is a freedom fighting chocolatier. Refuge exists to help give people a brighter future through our support of Flourish NI (a Northern Ireland based anti-human trafficking charity). Refuge donates proceeds to Flourisusinessh and provides survivors of human trafficking an opportunity to get involved in the business.

‘Not being a tea or coffee drinker I spent many years sampling the hot chocolate drinks throughout Ireland and beyond, never quite getting one that hit the taste buds of how I thought a hot chocolate should taste.  Until a few years ago I went skiing in Andora and tasted something that hit the spot.  It was strong, thick and had so much taste.  More like melted chocolate than the expensive dish water I was often served in cafes.  

This awakening must have been filed away in the depths of my brain and came to the fore when I was trying to come up with a solution to financially support a local anti human trafficking charity I volunteer for.  I briefly tested several ideas of projects to raise finance for the charity.  Until one day the name Refuge and hot chocolate literally dropped into my head.  This is when I started experimenting with recipes I read about and ones I made up.  

Once I got closer to what I thought was a good tasting drink I asked friends to test some and give me feedback.  After this I had the recipe for the original chocolate.  It’s still the same recipe we use today.’

Tara Mullan

Luke Gilmore Landscape Architect with Amey meeting Refuge founder and Chief Potion Maker Tara Mullan

Harry Specters

Giving work to people with autism

Since starting in November 2012, Harry Specters have helped a total number of 310 people with autism. Alongside this, we’ve supported 155 carers/parents, making their lives just that little bit easier.

Autistic people contribute to the business in different ways. They do real work in real jobs, from making, packing and selling chocolates to working in administration, design, and photography. Through this work, they’ve all learnt new skills resulting in increased confidence, hope, and aspirations for their future.

As part of the procurement, Ethstat has worked with Harry Spectors to help eliminate plastic in all their packaging.

Helen Beeby, chair of our Neurodiversity affinity group at Amey met with Mona Shaz and their Autistic son Ash at Herry Specters

Boundless Nuts

Bringing Clean Water To Rural India and Nepal

Boundless is a Bristol-based company that provides the tastiest activated fruit and nuts and supports FRANK to bring clean water to some of the world’s most impoverished people. FRANK works to improve safe water, sanitation and hygiene in India and Nepal. Since 2005 Frank has funded safe drinking water and sanitation for nearly 400,000 people in 549 communities. FRANK work hard to support those ‘left behind’ by progress and development. Communities FRANK helps are often remote or vulnerable groups who don’t understand their rights. By supporting Boundless, you’re also supporting communities across India & Nepal, providing sustainable solutions for a better quality of life.

This order will make a huge difference in the work we do: as a business, we work closely with our charity partners Frank Water.  A Bristol, female – founded organisation too, Frank provide safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to communities across India & Nepal. Beyond sustainable water solutions, Frank enable the women in these communities access to a better life: opening up employment and education opportunities, and offering a better life. As we grow, as does our relationship with Frank Water – orders like these will help us to increase our support with Frank Water, and truly make a difference as a brand

Olivia Colbeck

Boundless Nuts

Talia & Cathy From Boundless

This Procurement was International:

Communities Served with Water
Women Given Fair Work in India
1 st
Fairtrade Printed Bag
Hours of Fairly Paid Work

Amey Celebration Bag

Green and Social around the world

The Amey Centenary Bag is made in India by a cooperative that gives women highly paid work, in line with our own Higher Living Wage. It is almost the exact opposite of the stereotypes you would have of far eastern garment making. Instead, this factory is sustainable, ethical and compliant with the highest levels of certification. 

The factory is more than just a place of work; it is at the centre of a community. The wages allow the women that work there the opportunity to support their children throughout their schooling and live a decent life. This order gave 1,575 hours of fairly paid work and supported a local community.

While there is a burgeoning Fairtrade garment industry in India, this order allowed them to do something completely new. This bag is the first Fairtrade Organic Cotton to be made and printed under with same ethics. The garment printing industry has lagged behind the construction industry. Your bag is the first to have both credentials to come out of India and into the UK.

Empowering Women: Over 75% of the workforce is comprised of women
50% of the energy used in the factory comes from renewable sources
Precision Cutting The Organic Cotton

Elsa's Cake

Working with Mental health

A new social enterprise that helps people experiencing mental health issues. Elsa and her team have baked each of these cakes by hand.  All proceeds from the sale of these cakes go towards Mind the mental health charity. The confidence it’s given to her has been extraordinary. 

We gave advice to her in setting up her business and designing the bamboo and bio plastic compostable packaging as well as overseeing her labelling.

Elsa has been amazing.   She has built a functioning social enterprise that has done real good and delivered brilliant cakes ontime. 

Each of the cakes was baked by hand, by someone that has suffered from a mental health issue.

Vegan Cookies

Feeding the homeless

Challenges to the supply chain have meant that there have been two suppliers for the vegan cookies. Angelic Gluten Free in Inverness and Biscuits International in Northumbria. Both make exception vegan biscuits and both have supported us by chipping in between them and providing over 2000 hot meals for homeless people in Trafford and Birmingham.

Working with both suppliers, we have removed over 13,000 pieces of single-use plastic and consolidated deliveries to reduce carbon emissions.



Ethstat Tree Pen

Plant a pen save a tonne

Originally designed for and used to sign the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio that laid the groundwork for the fight against Climate Change – our Ethstat Tree Pen is made in Europe from bio-cornstarch and recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable. Once you’ve used it you can plant it and grow a tree and save up to one tonne of CO2 for every pen you use.

Our Ethstat Tree Pen is unique to us here in the UK and we are the only distributors. Having worked tirelessly for over 6 months to create it, we think this pen is a gamechanger. Most plastic pens are made from single use plastic and many are unrecyclable. If you think about just how many pens we get through during the working week alone, the carbon footprint attributed to them is alarming and unnecessary.  

Now with our affordable Ethstat Tree Pen, we can change the way we use an everyday stationery item.  When you plant your pen, the seeds will feed off the cornstarch to grow a tree. 


Candy Kittens

Vegan Gourmet Treats

Key Ring and Coin

Vegan Gourmet Treats


SLT Conference
September  2021

Here's one of Eduard's delivery drivers ensuring your SLT Conference Packs get to you on time! Your support is direcly helping refugee and homeless drivers get work they otherwise wouldn't have access to.
Your Recycled Lanyards with Biodegradable Sleeves. Plastic Free and UK Manufactured!
Your SLT Conference Pack, each item is designed to reduced carbon.
Sarah, our Office Manager LOVES your Bottles!

We hope you enjoy your SLT Conference and it was a fabulous success!  Huge thanks to Emily Davies and Roy Nielsen for choosing us to assemble your packs and for helping us!  By procuring from Ethstat Ethical Stationery CIC you have helped impact our communities and given back to people , our planet and our supply chain.  Here’s the impact:

  • Over 31 hours of Higher Living Wage Employment  for 2 homeless people.
  • Your bottles are recyclable and BPA free and made in the UK.
  • Your sanitiser is from Wales and supports Food Banks. 
  • Your notebook is made in the UK, printed using vegan inks and is made by a company that gives back to their employees and offer extra training & support.
  •  Your lanyards are made from recycled fabric and bottles in the UK.
  • Your mask is manufactured in the UK, water repellant and washable 100 times.
  • Your Ethstat Tree Pen will save a tonne of CO2 once planted and is 100% certified biodegradable.
  • Even the bag is fully biodegradable and large enough to hold all your event papers and filled water bottle should you wish.
Made with love and delivered by three refugee delivery drivers giving an extra 8 hours of well paid employment and bringing a smile to Eduard and his team.
Thank you Amey.  We loved putting these together for you and we hope you love them too!

Cancer Research Awards
September  2021

Thank you to David Fawcett at Amey for giving us the opportunity to make your Thank You Packs for your amazing team, raising £11,000 for Cancer Research UK!

Your pack was put together by Nathan at Ethstat. Everything is plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable. Your biscuits were hand made by a social enterprise, Elsa’s Cakes. Elsa loves baking and gives her profits to MIND.

Here’s your pack!

We Miss You
April  2021

We hope you enjoy your pack put together by Nathan and Elsa and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make these for you. Pop the kettle on and enjoy a lovely Fairtrade coffee and homemade biscuit.  Your pack is plastic free and everything is fully biodegradable, including your biscuit wrap which is home compostable too! 

So, take a moment, enjoy your treat and read the leaflet. You are appreciated. Amey Values. 

Thanks to our tea and coffee contract with Amey, Ethstat have employed Nathan full time. He is growing in confidence day by day and he loves his job. Nathan lives in a Homeless Hostel but he has now paid off all his debts and we are helping him take the next step to living in a flat of his own.  Elsa runs Let It Be Cake and she made your biscuits. She has battled with mental health issues all her life and she bakes to be creative and feel good about herself. Lockdown has been tough for Elsa so we’ve been working with her on various projects to support her small business and show her how appreciated she is. 

100% of the profits of your pack are going to be donated to our homeless and dementia community to offer mental well-being aids and support.

Thank you for helping us make a difference

Together, we are Ethical.

Induction packs creating jobs for ex-offenders
October  2021

Nathan is a homeless person who is also a struggling entrepreneur. He wants to make a difference by bringing families together during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 through the Food App he is working on.

“Working with Ethstat and being given well-paid employment and a friendly team who value me means everything to me,” says Nathan. 

Nathan says that he is massively grateful for the opportunity Amey has given him and the work they are sponsoring in the community. Whatever the future holds, Nathan is focused on using his talent and energy to bring people together.

I want to prove to people that I may be homeless, but I have the fire and
passion to succeed in life and business. Shaking off the label of ex-offender is
very important to me. I am worth so much more.

Behind the mask we're ending homelessness


June  2020

Charlotte Harvey and Emily Davies from Amey meet David, one of the envelope packers. Photo by Andrew Hamilton Thomas

What's in my pack?

If you are a member of staff at Amey, you will have received an envelope in the post. That envelope is quite exceptional.  Unlike most padded envelopes it is entirely plastic-free making it recycled and easily recyclable.  Before you open it, you will see that the letter has not been franked; instead, a stamp was bought from a local post office supporting the local sub-postmaster. 

This is what your postmaster looks like when you ask for 16,000 stamps.

When you break the seal, you will find a letter from your Chief Executive, Amanda Fisher, a Wellbeing Guide, guidance on how to put on and remove your face covering safely, a covering in what seems like a plastic slip and a compliments slip from us telling the story of the person that packed your letter.  The paper on which the information is printed is the lowest carbon paper available in the UK today.  It was printed by the only company to be trusted by Greenpeace, The Carbon Trust and Friends of the Earth. 

When you feel the plastic around the covering, it might feel a little different.  That’s because it isn’t a standard vinyl; instead, it is a bioplastic that will degrade in less than three months in dark wet conditions. 

The covering is different, as well. It was made, right here in the UK by Saville Row Taylors, who usually make suits for the movie industry. You will have seen their work on Daniel Craig in the James Bond movies or on Peaky Blinders. The material is different too, as Q would have wanted; the mask is three-layer cotton for comfort and breathability, covered with a  Nanotech layer that provides filtration and water resistance. It is durable and will wash 100 times. 

As for how the letter was packed and who packed it? Well, that’s a whole story in itself.  

Meet the packers

Not everyone in the project wanted to share their stories, and there is so much more to each of them than a few words can describe but here are some of the people that Amey helped in the course of this project.  These are the people that packed your envelopes. 

Lauren, is a swimming instructor and content creator on YouTube. COVID-19 meant that Lauren had to move back in with her mum, as she couldn’t afford her house share.  Lauren suffers from mental health issues and like so many, she has been feeling hopeless. ‘I have all the time on my hands and I am trying to find work that benefits the community to keep my mind active. This opportunity has made me feel more positive.’ 

Louise is an ex-offender who has jumped leaps and bounds since arriving at Evolve and especially since working with the Peer Circles project. She is passionate about animals and nails and will be studying to complete her nail technician qualification after lockdown. She is currently on Evolve’s Entrepreneurship Program to develop her ideas and gain support to start her own nail business. She is a mother of two and is committed to leading a more fulfilling and positive life for herself and her family.


Nathan is an ex-offender and who has made massive strides in the last 12 months to turn his life around. After completing Evolve’s Entrepreneurship Program and joining the Peer Circles project, he has begun developing an app to help people source, buy and cook with local fresh ingredients using easily accessible recipes on his app. He is also developing a console game that is based on the cultural history of Rastafarian’s. He is a dedicated father and family man pursuing his dreams and achieving his goals.

Kate is currently homeless. This work opportunity has come at just the right time for Kate considering the current climate and her on-going circumstances. Kate has a passion for the arts and in the future hopes to be able to set up her own art photography business.

David has turned his life around in the last 2 years. David has struggled with poor mental health and addiction. After working with Evolve’s Peer Circles project, he is now living independently, working part time, and has become a father to a beautiful little girl. He is dedicated to looking after and providing for his family. David gives back to his community through his church and supporting local causes.

Ricardo. He is a regular client at Croydon Nightwatch. He became homeless last year when hisemployer didn’t pay him. ‘Becoming homeless is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. I had always paid my own way and suddenly I felt like I had lost everything including my dignity.  I don’t want to be reliant on other people’s support, I want to be the one helping others. This is my main motivation for improving myself and making my life better.’   Ricardo wants a full time permanent job so he can transform his life.  He is one of Amey’s Beam Sponsorships.

Jayden has struggled to get work since his seasonal job at Costco ended. Jayden has struggled with mental health over the past couple of years. ‘This lockdown isolation has slowed down my progress in achieving my goals. I feel like I’d benefit from this opportunity as it would allow me to interact with others, give me a sense of self-worth and help regain my confidence in both myself and the workplace. I genuinely feel like this could give me the boost and motivation needed to reassess and focus on future life goals.’

Ellie is a PE coach, who was made unemployed due to COVID-19. The last couple of years have been a struggle for Ellie due to a big change in her life. Ellie had been living with her Grandparents, but due to the pandemic Ellie moved in with her Aunt. ‘The last 3 months have been a struggle. Not only the money, but getting out and conversing with others. This is going to help me massively.


Joseph has been out of work since last Christmas. Joseph wants to work in IT and become a web developer. He is looking for an opportunity to be placed with a company where he can work his way up. With COVID-19, Joseph has found it harder than ever to find work. His sister is part of Team Ethstat and as we grow, we hope to find work for Joseph to help him on his life’s journey.

When Amey came to Croydon

This project would not have been possible without the following people.

It takes a lot of work to put together a project where every penny goes toward making a difference. Ethical Stationery is proud to have been working with a large and diverse group of social and charitable enterprises.  Our Ethical family, Yasmin, Bruce, Sarah, Sasha and Drew would like to give thanks, and deepest gratitude goes to:

Lives not Knives: The incredible charity started 13 years ago by the then 14-year-old Eliza Rebeiro to turn pre-teens away from gang, and knife culture. LNK recommended some vulnerable young people to come and spend a few days with us in a positive team environment packing your letters and getting positive forward momentum.

Evolve Housing. More than just a housing association Evolve run an entrepreneurship programme that helps rebuild the lives of ex-offenders and drug addicts. Evolve nominated three of the packers to come to earn a wage and spend some time with other social entrepreneurs and us to mentor them.

 NightwatchThe rough sleeping charity that feeds the homeless of South London nominated a number of the packers to come and work with us. We hope that some of them may become your colleagues in days to come. 

OWRFC: The RFU recognises old Whitgiftian Rugby Club as the most ethnically and economically diverse Rugby club in the country and quite possibly the world. More than a sports club Old Whits is a genuine community club with a kitchen run by Lynne Gillingham and Suzanne Piscina that provides meals for the old and the homeless as well as a community refuge for all ages. Old Whits provided the venue and support for the packers.  

Vital Meals supplied the catering for both days. Vital Meals is a non-profit venture set up in response to the global Corona Virus pandemic. Run by Ayesha Pakravan-Ovey, the head chef & founder of The Plattery. They are cooking & delivering free nutritious meals to anyone unable to feed themselves during this difficult time. 

Safety is the Key provided detailed Health and Safety Support to allow the event to happen in the first place. Shabbir at SITK is quite possibly the most fun health and safety advisor on the planet and managed to keep us safe with incredible knowledge, grace and panache. 

The Recycling Centre to Noordin and Luca  who worked hard to ensure all the items we needed leading up to the event were delivered, and for helping us with the 300 plus postal bags we needed to transport safely.

Deesha Gangully who volunteered her time and donated her wages for the two days to the vulnerable, so that they would receive more. Deesha is a fantastic young woman and a credit to Warwick University. ‘ I am passionate about sustainable development and hope someday to work for a social enterprise that has significant social and environmental impact, just like Ethstat does. Now more than ever, working together as a community is imperative and I am proud to be contributing to this fantastic project, that is going to help the UK become both safer, and greener!’

David Shorto our friend from Greenpeace, print consultant and paper guru.  David identified the best printers we could use and gave us access to them.

Deesha Gangully and Shabbir waived their fees to allow us to pay the packers who worked across the two days £250 instead of £100 a day.  A sum that could make a significant difference for many of the workers.  

Great personal thanks also go to, The Simon family who alongside Tiffany turned up and refused to leave.  Amy Atkinson, who volunteered, brought her lovely boys Morgan and Elias as well as birthday cakes for Ricardo, Suzanne Piscina, Lynne Gillingham, Mark, Fergus and the entire Endersby clan who ensured that the venue was open and available for us all. Shabbir Halai owner and founder of Safety is the Key can never be thanked enough for all he does for the Ethical family. Sarah Jones MP, for her passion and commitment to Croydon and sharing our goal to eradicating homelessness. Humayun Kabir, The Mayor of Croydon for his positive energy and support with all that we do. His heart for changing the lives of our local residents shines through. Amey has some of the best staff we have ever met, but this project would not have been possible without the patience and encouragement of Emily Davies, Richard Walsham, John Cully, Mike Ashford and so many others. 

Last, but by no means least, we’d like to thank Dean Mayes. – It was Dean that recognised our vision and introduced us to the Amey team, and without him, none of this would have been possible. 

Thank you for this opportunity. We have created so much good and touched many lives. We look forward to continuing our work with you and helping to give back. Together, we will be the change. There will be further edits and footage added so please stay tuned.

 Together, we are Ethical.