Customers working with the homeless at WNP III

Building a Social Economy

We feel an enormous sense of responsibility for every order we receive.  Every order we send is an ambassador demonstrating our ethics and our standards.  Our customers trust us to provide top-flight service, innovative products and to squeeze the social value out of every pound spent with us.  To fulfil our promise, we have built a supply chain that includes over 140 Social Enterprise or for-purpose businesses.  They cover food, beverages, transportation, awards, furniture, stationery, clothing and many more.

Diversity goes beyond what they do but runs deeply into the way they are owned and structured and the communities they serve.  What they have in common is that every offering must be made from sustainable materials that do no harm. The offering must be made as close to consumption as possible. We focus on UK manufacturers and Western Europe producers. Our supply partners must look after their staff. We deep dive into modern slavery issues, build relationships, and check that we know who we are doing business with.

Communities Benefited
Social Enterprises

I feel like here if you have the imagination to do something and you can figure out a way to make it happen – then you can do it!

Sasha Fanthome - Sustainable Business Development Manager