Social Impact

for people and planet

For the second year running, we had the pleasure of hosting our customers for two impact days, where staff met and spent time with Daniella and her fabulous packing team.  Daniella’s team comes from complex backgrounds.  Some, like Muzzi, are street homeless, currently living at the entrance of St. Matthews Church Yard because the hostels are full.  Others are either still in prison and on day release, or in hostels.  
The packing line is a great equaliser as customers worked shoulder to shoulder with Team Ethstat and learned about our situations and how we lift ourselves back up.  Our stories are ones of triumph in the face of impossible odds.  For Mick and Chantelle, that means recovering from addiction.  At the same time, Chyna uses work to provide for her beautiful autistic children, and Duane is trying to put his life back together after the lockdown robbed him of his hospitality career and home. 
Our backgrounds don’t define us, but our ability to come together with laughter and friendship does.  We are incredibly proud of the work we do and loved sharing our time with all our friends.  



work experience for rough sleepers

Originally from Somalia, where he escaped the civil war, we met Mussi during our Monday night food service.

Mussi was sleeping on the steps of the building opposite us, so we felt it only fitting that we would offer him a placement. He was shy at first, but as his confidence grew, he opened up and became one of the stars at work.

Mussi has had a tough time since he came to the UK. The shelter he was residing in became unsafe as he suffered discrimination; at one point, all his belongings were stolen from him, and he was intimidated into leaving. A situation made more poignant since he had already fled his home as Al Shabaab took over South Somalia.

Case study: EX OFFENDERS


We know from experience that homelessness has a pipeline.  There are many ways a person can find themselves experiencing homelessness, but there can be some very common markers. 

A childhood spent in care, some time spent either in the forces or in prison. 




Since starting in November 2012, Harry Specters have helped a total number of 310 people with autism. Alongside this, they’ve supported 155 carers/parents, making their lives just that little bit easier.

Autistic people contribute to the business in different ways. They do real work in real jobs, from making, packing and selling chocolates to working in administration, design, and photography. Through this work, they’ve all learnt new skills resulting in increased confidence, hope, and aspirations for their future.

As part of the procurement, Ethstat worked with Harry Specters to help eliminate plastic in all their packaging.

Working with Harry Specters on this procurement we removed 40,500 pieces of Single Use Plastic from the environment. 
Saving 837.9KgCO2
Case study: developing a world first