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We offer a free Recycling Service for all our members:


For empty toner and ink collections please use our Contact Form and leave your details and we will contact our courier, book this in and we’ll send you a FREE POR return number to place on the outside of your toner box.

Please note that the minimum we can collect in one collection is 15 toners in one box and a maximum of 3 boxes in total (45 toners + placed in 3 boxes).

Feel free to book in more empty returns.  This service is unlimited and FREE to all our members. Free Toner Recycling boxes are supplied upon request.

Many toner parts are re-used and remanufactured where they can be and anything that can’t be is re-used to make safe play park flooring and even sunglasses!


With crisp packets currently being unrecyclable in the UK we are delighted to offer this FREE service. All you have to do is collect your empty crisp packets in your own boxes and when you have collected a minimum  of 2kg of empty packets (including the box you have packaged them in) please contact us and we will send you a FREE shipping label to return them. Once returned any funds raised will be donated to Food2Think

Crisp packets take on a whole new life of their own once recycled and are made into furniture and park benches.


Kg CO2 saved from toners 2018
0.1 kg
Crisp Packet Waste - feeds a child for a month
Litres of Oil Saved per Toner
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