Core Values

Core Values

As a social enterprise we place great stock in the values we were established upon – these are:

Caring for our members & customers

While our mission and articles of incorporation place the environment and social benefit front and centre of our business model, our mission is only made possible by providing our customers and stakeholders with impeccable service. Our first priority as a responsible business is to be responsible to the hopes and needs of our members.  As such, our primary care is honesty, clarity and transparency of advice, coupled with offering clear economic value.

Caring for the Environment

Second only to our responsibility to our members is our regard for the environment. It is our mission to ensure that we advise and provide the most ecologically appropriate products for our customers needs.  To achieve this aim we use a framework that emphasises locality of production to consumption, efficiency of production and the use of materials.

Caring for the Community

The third pillar of our business model is to invest the entirety of our surplus into the wider community.  We believe we need to invest in people.  To do otherwise would lead to the social exclusion of the environment both at home and abroad.  We invest in social and environmental projects in the UK, such as the local transition town movement and internationally through our partners Actionaid and Food2Think providing education and supporting communities to live sustainably.