Each One Reach One: National Inclusion Week

Each One Reach One

Welcome to our 2020 NIW Page, here we wanted to share with you our vision of what the topic and week means to us and what we have planned for it.

2020 has been a year so far, we all have felt and seen the far-reaching consequences of a year that has taken our sense of reality and control away.

We at Ethstat with the help of you all have seen the need of those who are so often excluded from our society and are doing what we can to help, donating PPE to care homes, food packages to rough sleepers, work for those that are struggling financially and mentally. 

For all the negatives, we have more than even seen, as we have been forced to isolate and distance, to protect each other, the way we can lift each other up and importance of human connection. 

Seeing each other as extensions of ourselves and valuing each other no matter our background, gender, race, age, religion, disability, finances. Here at Ethical Stationery, our desire to construct a social economy comes from seeing other being treated less than equal, less than we would treat ourselves, less than human.

We wanted to use NIW as a space to carry on attitude of hope, creativity and positivity that together, we can add to the fight to create change to a system where so many are forgotten, excluded and ignored.

We hosted a Teams meeting to further explore this,  share our journey’s, to celebrate our wins, thank you, the people that are on this journey with us and inspire us all to keep our hearts open.

NIW is here and with us. If you want to follow our various posts on linkedin or facebook then you can see what we’ve been up to .  Here is the entirety of the online inclusion summit we hosted on the 24th of September 2020.  


The 5 Pandemics

If you want to see some of the highlights of the call then here they are below.  The brilliant Caroline Asante, Editor in Chief of Sustainable Diva, sets the stage for the meeting asserting that the world is not in midst of a single pandemic, rather we have been struggling with five of them.  Caroline lists them as:

  • Racism
  • Environmental Disaster
  • Economic Turmoil
  • A Mental Health Epidemic 


Sarah Jones MP, Shadow Minister for Policing takes about the role of COVID in creating more inequalities in society not less.

The panel considers how to make a workplace less discriminatory.  Eliza points out that when you see injustice, its everybody’s responsibility to speak out.  

Sam Scharf Communities Director from Orbit Grop, one of the largest housing associations in the UK reflects upon the invisibility of certain groups and their issues during the lockdown. They are pointing out that the mental health toll in the workplace is higher than expected.

The panel considers ways in which to make organisations more inclusive.

The panel considers all the ways change can happen large and small.  Sarah Jones shows the impact that the right message at the right moment can have.  While Sam shows that when the will is there, organisations can effect massive change in short windows. 

Sarah Jones talks about the role experience plays in the understanding of racism.  If you haven’t felt it you probably wont see it.

Maddie makes the point that the new normal cannot be allowed to become normal if we want to keep our mental health.

In one of the key moments of the meeting Caroline tells us how she explained to her son the difference between ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘All lives matter.’  

The Mayor of Croydon points out that all hate is taught and all discrimination is learnt behaviour.

Lives Not Knives show their work with young people across the lockdown.

BEAM present their work with the homeless in London

Evolve Housing and Support showcase their work with ex-offenders, former addicts and the homeless.