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Environmental protection is stitched into the fabric of everything we do. It is who we are, it is our history, our belief, our everything.

It is in the suppliers and partners with whom we work, the products we promote and in those that we quietly drop.  From our stringent environmental policy, to the products our team help you select, you will see that everything we do is about bringing ecological excellence to office procurement in the UK. There is a reason why environmentalists call us the experts’ expert.

Ethstat grew out of the environmental movement of the late 1990s. We might be known for our social impact, but we believe that the two are part of the same whole. In practice, that means that, of course, we do the things you expect. We are powered by renewable energy.  We recycle virtually everything, and we’ve reduced our packaging and our plastic use to the point where over 99% of our deliveries are plastic-free and carbon-neutral.

Naturally, we are climate positive, planting 80 trees a month with the Ecologi climate action collective and removing more than five tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every month. However, we would consider each of these actions as “last mile” – the baseline that all good organisations should embrace.

The Ethstat Tree Pen is designed to be the lowest Carbon pen available in the UK

Our real climate action stems from the First Mile project. This is original research and development we undertake to understand the environmental impact of the products which we supply, and which you consume.  We work on the simple theory that if you buy products made near the point of consumption, from renewable materials, by companies that work ethically, you inspire change.  As a member you will receive a free carbon analysis of your office consumption and ongoing support for all your business needs.  Take a look at some of our firsts below and join us in helping create the greenest UK economy.

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