Environment Policy

Working for a better future

Policy Aims

Ethstat Ethical Stationery CIC aims to protect the environment by ensuring the sustainable use and disposal of scarce resources, ensuring the company has the lowest carbon footprint and aiming to reduce its dependence on persistent organic pollutants. Furthermore, we will aim to use our leadership in this area to encourage other organisations to  minimise their environmental impact.

To achieve our aims and values we report on the following standards:

• The Recycling Rate shall fall no lower than 80%

 Waste to landfill will not exceed 1kg per person/month

• Waste to recycling will not exceed 30Kg per person/month

• Reused materials no more than 1000kg of packaging bought per year

Ethstat Ethical Stationery CIC has developed a series of action plans to supplement each area of its  environmental policy.