Esken - creating jobs for The homeless.

January 2021

Nathan is our Dispatch Assistant. It’s his job to check products coming in, collate packages, and ensure that customers receive them in perfect condition. In many ways, he has the most important job in the company; he is the guardian who makes sure you get the best experience possible with as little fanfare as possible. Nathan isn’t a show-off; he quietly gets on with his job making sure he does his best every day. Life hasn’t been easy for him.  He is rebuilding his life, having been homeless and living in a hostel. 

Not many people have given Nathan a chance or taken the time to find out how talented he is. Thankfully, companies like Esken exist. By choosing to procure your launch goody bags with us, we have been able to help Nathan and people like him with real jobs.  Nathan loved making your packs up; it’s given him a sense of pride and purpose again. Since starting his new position, he’s a new man – he has become more confident, and the future looks a lot brighter. We are all grateful and appreciate the opportunity given to us. Thank you for helping us help others.

Together we are Ethical.

I want to prove to people that I may be homeless, but I have the fire and
passion to succeed in life and business. Shaking off the label of ex-offender is
very important to me. I am worth so much more.

About your Pack

When Esken approached us to put together a relaunch pack, they asked us to create the most ethical offering.  Here is what makes each of these products different. 

The Travel Mug is manufactured in Germany from recycled post-consumer waste, cutting out over 10,000 nautical Carbon miles. They were hand-printed in the Midlands using vegetable inks and covered with a natural laminate. 

The lanyards come from Hertfordshire and are made from yarn derived from recycled bottles.  

 Finally, your sticker is produced in Essex and is compostable as is the bag (made in Hull), so you dont have to worry about separating them when its time for them to have another life.  

 The surplus of your bag’s profits has been donated to Beam and have impacted 12 lives, and we will also provide dementia dolls. The rest will be invested in helping us grow our team so that we can give more back.  To find out more please visit your Beam giving page.

Meet the people you've helped