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Jamila’s Ethical Coffee

Introducing our delicious coffee. If you like coffee, you’ll love this. Rich roast, freeze-dried, organic, Fairtrade, and sealed in our beautiful tin which is entirely plastic-free.

Our journey began in October 2019 when we saw a gap in the market for a commercially viable, ethical coffee. One that didn’t compromise on quality or our October 2021 we produced our first run of 30,000 tins.

Made in memory of my Mum, Jamila, 100% of the profits from every tin are given back to people living with dementia and their families and carers. 

These profits enable us to donate free Dementia Dolls and pets, weighted blankets and wellbeing gifts. Mum lived with dementia for 12 years. She knew this coffee was being made for her and passed away in May 2020 during lockdown.

In some serendipitous way, our final blend comes from Tanzania and India – Mum’s heritage. I like to think she has been blessing us.

Environmentally, it’s exemplary and an industry leader. You won’t find a tin like it. Our coffee is the only one in the UK that’s plastic free and home recyclable. 

Available in 750g and 100g tins. Click here to be redirected to our webshop, where you can buy our coffee and change lives.


Special Thanks

None of this would have been possible without the help of some very special people and organisations. Dean, at Amey, you’ve been a constant support, and without your contract, we wouldn’t have made the long-term financial commitment to bring this to life.

Mike, you tasted coffee samples and fed back your tasting notes with honesty.  Emily, your hampers allowed us to push for a plastic-free offering because we had scale.

Kevin, you spent months revisiting design boards and concepts and worked with us with love and patience and understood our vision right from the outset. It’s your design gift that you gave us with love.

Bruce, for supporting me when we weren’t sure we would get this across the line; the late nights, tears and persistence – you never gave up and your encouragement and support kept me going. 

To our amazing team at Ethstat for all the highs and lows we’ve had on this crazy journey together, and my brothers, Shabbir and Noordin. This one’s for our Mum and all families living with dementia. How proud Mum and Dad must be and how lucky we are to spread the gift of ‘Toto’s’.

Together, we are Ethical. Come share this journey with us and help us change lives.

Love Yasmin x