Guys and St Thomas Charitable Trust

Welcome to your New Building!

Guys and St Thomas, you have supported us through a global pandemic, and we can’t thank you enough for your continuing support over the years. Over the last couple of years, we’ve sent you monitors, desks, chairs and more for your new work from home life. We’ve been so delighted to hear the positive reactions from Rosie Donnelly supplied by a Social Enterprise and how your needs have gone on to help others.

Now, you are growing and have found a new home, and we have made and posted 120 bags to you. Huge thanks to Effy Adams for coming to us and giving us the pleasure of sending you all a ‘Welcome to your New Building Present’. We hope that your new lovely organic, Fairtrade, reusable tote bags make your journeys a little easier.

Thank you for buying social and for helping us make a difference.

Together, we are Ethical.

Sasha and Mandy, modelling your new bags and postcards!