Each one - Reach One: National Inclusion Week

Each one - Reach One: National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion Week is hugely significant to us here at Ethical Stationery. Like the town we live in, we are a diverse bunch here, and we relish in our diversity. Our strength and our creativity come from our different experiences, backgrounds and cultures. 2020 has been a year so far; we all have felt and seen the far-reaching consequences of a year that has taken away our sense of reality and control.

This year has brought more than one pandemic to the surface. Covid is making us face up to economic, environmental and racial sicknesses that have been simmering for years. Now is the time to start addressing them.  But for all the negatives, for all the physical isolation, we have learned the difference between proximity and distance. We might not touch each other, but we’ve all grown to realise how others touch our lives. Let us use this moment to see each other as extensions of ourselves and celebrate our difference, no matter our background, gender, race, age, religion, abilities or finances. 
If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go together  – African Proverb
Inclusion means addressing issues of ageism, poverty, gender, race, and homelessness. With the help of our many incredible customers, we have been helping people at the margins of society. We don’t do handouts, but we do try and offer a hand up. We have been doing that by donating PPE to care homes, food packages to rough sleepers, and giving work to those struggling financially and mentally. 
Here at Ethical Stationery, our desire to construct a social economy comes from working with people treated as lesser; less than equal, less than we would treat ourselves, less than human. We wanted to use National Inclusion Week as a space to build an attitude of equality, creativity and positivity. We are hosting a virtual Inclusion Summit Teams meeting to explore this further, and share experiences. If you would like to join us at this meeting, please email team@ethstat.com and title your mail National Inclusion Week. We offer a heartfelt thank you to our fellow travellers on this journey that inspire us all to keep our hearts open.  We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  On behalf of us all at Team Ethstat,   Sasha and Sarah

Pledge Wall:

We are creating a pledge wall, where we promise to do something kind for someone else in the spirit of Each One, Reach One. Please join us and submit your Pledge in the comments below!

  1. For National Inclusion Week I shall use my power to lift other people up. I shall build an atmosphere where the least powerful in my office can share their experiences. I promise I will listen to their stories & as my team comes back to our workplace I shall make it more welcoming to all.

  2. I will reach out to those who may feel isolated to include them in social occasions and support them in doing so.

  3. For National Inclusion Week I promise to be open to helping others that need it in whatever way I can and to recognise that a need is not always visible.

  4. I pledge to give time in supporting the learning and development of healthy living to all. Also happy to give time in other ways too ?

  5. I pledge to be part of a fairer society where those who lack a voice are able to feel empowered. I will do this through being more aware in my daily life and research work which is exploring the importance of inclusivity and empowerment for people often overlooked or pushed aside.

  6. I pledge to use my role in society and responsibilities to give support to those in need to help ensure a fairer society for all walks of life.

  7. I pledge to speak up for those who can’t and stand for equality and justice for all. I also pledge to keep learning and promoting how to exist in a more ethical, greener and cruelty free world.

  8. How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!
    There are so many ways we can show kindness, simply by being good to the people around us. Often, it’s the small and random acts of kindness that make the biggest difference. Some of these include:
    Putting the needs of others first. Showing people that they matter and are appreciated
    Helping others and being generous with your time
    Complimenting people
    Donating time and money to charity
    Letting people know that you care or that you love them
    Or even simply smiling at someone.
    Kind words and kind deeds done by us not only make the person we are kind to feel good, but also give us happiness, creating a loop of giving and receiving. Acts of love and kindness are never wasted and we can all make a difference to others with kindness in our hearts and purpose.

  9. I pledge to always lend a kind ear and give a welcoming smile to all the people that I come in contact with, either at work or elsewhere – many are elderly and some are lonely, but all of them are unique, and all have their special stories to tell…I pledge to take the time to listen ❤️

  10. For National Inclusion Week I will be open to helping those who are more vulnerable and raise awareness for those who aren’t as fortunate to have a platform or a voice.

  11. For National Inclusion Week I pledge to do my utmost to increase our fundraising for our homeless at Nightwatch. Between today and Christmas I want us to:
    * Fill their food cupboard to the maxmum and help create more regular donors so we don’t need to worry about it.
    * Hold corporate events to raise as much as we can for them so we can help improve our homeless clients wellbeing.
    * I’d like us to employ at least a further twenty vulnerable people who need employment. We can achieve this through further Wrap n Packs, events and increasing our delivery of sales.

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