Personal Protective Equipment

Protecting the Planet & Your Colleagues

Free Mask Recycling for all our Customers

The environment has always been at the core of who we are and what we do, so it should come as no surprise that our Personal Protective Equipment has a host of environmental options:

We supply a wildly successful reusable mask that replaces the Type IIR water resistant masks. Made in the UK from UK grown renewable sources our reusable masks have the lowest Carbon impact of any mask available in the UK.  Where disposable masks are the only option to maintain anti-viral integrity we supply recyclable masks and can arrange for their safe and responsible disposal.  

We supply a range of non-chlorinated sanitisers and cleaning products that are made in the UK and are often certificated as vegan and organic while still providing effective and reliable anti-viral cleaning. Our hand sanitisers are also entirely made in the UK and none of them contain persistent organic pollutants. 

As with all our supplies the profit from these supplies help protect vulnerable groups in the UK.

what we do

Staying Ethical During Covid19

During the coronavirus crisis we have been busier than ever - keeping key workers safe.

Frequently Asked Questions


What People Ask About PPE

We supply all PPE necessary for the business, medial and school sector. Our most popular items of supply are: 3 ply blue hospital masks, Type iiR water repellant face masks (government recommended and our best seller), 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gels and refills, dispensers, gloves, wipes, disinfectant, sanitiser sprays, coveralls, aprons and shoe covering and much more. All our supplies are vetted, have COSHH and spec sheets and the correct certification.

Yes you can! Talk to us about environmental options for your personal protection solutions.

We supply everyone from large multinational firms, to SME’s and home workers. We also supply the NHS, care homes, schools and Councils.

All our supplies are vetted by qualified health and safety advisors.  We only supply reputable and certified equipment from trusted partners. There is a lot of ‘grey’ stock out there and we are protective of only supplying you with the best. All supplies have spec sheets and data and have been verified. Supplying the NHS and care homes and PLC’s have given us access to the best checks, to ensure you don’t need to worry.

The best kind! Seriously, we believe that there should be no barriers to doing good.  That means the best prices we can give and the most professional service. We’re here to serve and do our very best for you.

We have supplied many NHS departments. We are a not for profit organisation that uses our surplus to protect all our communities.  We have sent PPE packs to 475 care homes and individual carers and donated hundred of PPE packages all over the country.

We have stocks coming in every day and going out every day. We offer continuity of supply because we have multiple supply sources. Whilst mainstream suppliers are waiting for general stock to come in, we are proactively working with our partners to ensure you have what you need to stay safe.

As a non profit organisation we can afford to add a small margin onto our supply and keep our pricing very low. We’re not motivated by our profit. we’re motivated by helping you, saving lives and giving back. Some items do cost us considerably more, but we’ll be transparent and open with you. Our feedback to date is that some of our items are costing less than half of the current market rate and others are saving 40% and lasting much longer.

Depending on stock levels and how much you’ve ordered, we offer a fast turnaround, with real lead times. We aim to under promise and overdeliver. If you need your order urgently, let us know and we’ll get it there, on time.

No order is too small for us and you will get the same level of service as our larger users.

We supply the NHS Trusts, Hospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Academies, Homeless oranisations, Hostels, Hotels, PLC’s, Charities, NGO’s and a wide selection of Business’s.

We’ve been supplying many planned orders. Whether it’s PPE packs for Return To Work Packs, Home Supplies, regular drops to Services, we will work with you to plan your first and repeat order. This way we can plan our stock further and ensure you always have what you need.

Yes you can! Speak to us about a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly rolling order. Ordering in advance ensures we keep your stock on site and gives you peace of mind that your team will have all the essential supplies you need.

We have multiple spec and COSHH sheets for all of our supplies. All products that need certification, do so. Gloves are EN145 approved for example, sanitisers have the H&S data sheets and masks have the exact spec. You can be be sure that all of our supplies are landed, in the UK and fully vetted.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Health and safety

Our PPE supply reflects who we are; Keen pricing, quality products and taking a stand against opportunists that are profiteering from a desperate market place.  Peoples safety shouldn’t be set at a price that is out of reach or given products that don’t meet basic safety checks.  

Ethstat has been supplying our Ethical Protection range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for many years. It has become massively important since the beginning of the pandemic.  Since that time we have become a key supplier of PPE for organisations, large and small up and down the country.  We have supplied carers, nursing homes, schools, offices, waste processing plants, water purification workers, homeless hostels, housing associations, prisons and justice departments across the UK.  All of them have trusted us to get the right products in the hands of the right people time after time.  The people at the front line trust us to protect them against Covid19, and so can you. 

We only ever supply high quality certified PPE that comes from reputable manufacturers and dealers and all of the certification is checked out by Health and Safety professionals. It doesn’t matter if its Type iiR, FFP2 or FFP3 face masks, disposable gloves, visors, protective goggles, disposable aprons or 70% alcohol hand sanitisers, every single piece has been checked out thoroughly and comes with spec sheets.  You can have complete peace of mind that your Personal Protective Equipment is going to do what you need it to.

Supporting our PPE we supply a complete range of microbial and anti viral cleaning supplies. These range from disposable wipes hand wipes and cleaning wipes for electronics to cleaning gels and environmentally friendly sanitisers.

“It is really important that you can trust your PPE supplier.  We have been supplying equipment you can rely on for 15 years – and all the profit goes to protecting ALL our communities.”