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Currently crisp packets are not recyclable with other plastic waste so we’ve teamed up with Terracycle to provide a recycling solution for all crisp packets. Better still, for every 3kg of crisp packet waste, £3 will be donated to Food2Think to feed one child in school, for one month. 

Just think of the good we can achieve – both with recycling and by giving back to those who need it more than us.  So, please, tell all your Friends and Family, all Business’s, Schools and Universities. 

All they have to do is collect a minimum of 2kg of crisp waste and then email us at and we will send you back a free shipping label to send back your recycling. The items will be checked in and funds will be sent directly to Food2Think twice a year, once in May and then again in November. 

At the end of the year we’ll be naming the organisations and individuals who helped to make this change happen and including you in our Green Team Club – details to follow!


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