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We do everything a modern office needs to run efficiently. Our members benefit from superb service and personal management, quality products and best of all a chance to share in the success of projects, helping your community to thrive.

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Office Supplies
We provide the greenest office supplies available, selected using our…
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Soaps and Lotions for your washroom ethically made in the…
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Tea Point
All the Fairtrade Teas, Coffee's and Treats you could want.
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Cleaning Supplies
Non-Chlorine cleaning products that clean naturally.
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Print Management
We have been delivering print services for many years and…
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We offer a free Recycling Service for all our members
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Health and safety
Health and Safety support and products to help you protect…
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Procurement Advice
Procurement advice to lower your Carbon footprint and the most…
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People Trust Us

why people trust us

We are a member owned organisation that operates for the benefit of its members and the community.  When you join us you have a say in the way we’re managed.  That means that if you don’t like something you can change it and if you love something you can have more of it.  We don’t answer to anyone but you. 


We work alongside national and international organisations dedicated to sustainable development.


We tailor all our products and services to you and your organisation. That means that everything we do is fully integrated for your needs.


Responsible customer relations through clear and transparent communication and product information.

What People Say

Achieving your ethics

We have been working with Ethstat Ethical Stationery for over 5 years, always happy to help and never too much trouble! Orders are always on time, placed one just yesterday afternoon and I had everything delivered this morning! Very reliable, highly recommended!

Bingham Riverhouse

As a small charity working to improve the quality of life by reducing socio-economic inequality in the UK, it is really important to us that we live our values. Purchasing our stationery and office supplies from Ethstat makes it easy to do this. We are confident that the products that we buy will be sustainable,…

Equality Trust

The team at Ethstat Ethical Stationery have been exceptional in their service. Over the last few months, we’ve worked closely with Ethstat to find more ethically sustainable options in our office. The team have been dedicated, diligent and crucial to these changes. What’s most refreshing about Ethstat is their work ethos; they are passionate and…

Smart Energy GB

“In short, Ethstat have exploded the notion that environmentally or socially conscious products are necessarily more expensive (indeed, the future social and environmental cost of unsustainable products is much, much greater) or that speed of delivery or customer service cannot be offered in the same package.”

Telereal Trillium

“We have found Ethstat service very personable and second-to-none. The website is a joy to shop on, and there’s always a willing, helpful and knowledgeable person to answer the phone if we have a query, and we’re not met with an infuriating automated service, which is so often the case with many suppliers.”


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It’s just a pen, right?

If we told you that BiC sells 14 million BiC Cristal ballpoint pens a day across the world, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. But, when

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