Sidley Living Well Packs

April 2022
Everything in your pack!

We hope you enjoy your Living Well pack. This project provided employment for members of the homeless community who packaged your bags with love and care.

Take a few moments to relax and enjoy this beautiful selection of sustainable social enterprise gifts!

What's in your zero waste organic reusable bag?

Jamila's Ethical Coffee

Helping dementia families.

Rich roast, freeze-dried, organic and fairtrade, this is the only plastic-free, home recyclable instant coffee tin available in Europe.

What’s even better is that 100% of the profits support dementia communities.

SPARE Crisps

Elimating Food Waste

Spare Snacks is a social enterprise committed to saving unwanted produce, and reducing food waste by utilizing wonky apples!

Contained in a recyclable packet, and made from ‘imperfect’ fruit, these delicious vegan crisps are naturally high in fiber, as well as free of added sugar, gluten, and anything artificial.

Wildflower Seeds


These beautiful, clay seeded balls can be scattered wherever you may want to grow some wildflower goodness! All they take is a little bit of water and soil, and you’ll have your own wildflowers in no time.

Whilst your seeded balls are packaged in a 100% recyclable, biodegradable box, these seeds are also completely bee-friendly.

Tea People's RELAX tea

Environmentally friendly.

Relax and take a few moments to enjoy your camomile and oat straw tea, made to bring you peace and tranquility.

This tea tastes even better, as it is a plastic-free tea bag, which also comes in commercially compostable packaging.

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate

Supporting Female Farmers

This delicious dark chocolate supports female cocoa farmers to grow better cocoa, build stronger communities, and thrive in business.

The packaging for these chocolate bars is also biodegradable AND plastic-free!

Dalit Candle

Helping to fight persecution.

This beautiful 100% plastic-free candle is made by members of the ‘Dalit’ community in India.

The term Dalit translates to downtrodden or oppressed and there are 250 million Dalits who are exposed to this injustice.

Profits help provide education for those affected by these inequalities.

Sidley's Living Well gift bag project has made the following social impact:

Hours of Living Wages
Jobs Created
Homeless People Employed
Climate Positive Plastic Free Deliveries
Supporting Positive Mental Health
Prem, Nathan and Daniella showcasing your packs.

Delivered With Love

Every bespoke order we deliver for Sidley helps us give back to some of our most vulnerable members of society.

Prem worked with Ethstat last year, helping to deliver over 28,000 hampers to our customers all over the UK. Here, he gained valuable skills and paid training, which allowed him to take the next steps.

We’re proud to say that Prem has been offered permanent employment with us. He is now the third person from the original 113 we had employed to be offered a permanent position.

It is amazing customers, like yourselves, who enable us to give back. Thank you for all the difference you help us make.