Smart Meters: Planting My Pledge Campaign

Social and Environmental Impact

It is no secret that at Ethstat Ethical Stationery CIC, we believe in using every tool at our disposal to reduce our environmental impact. Smart metering helps consumers like us to reduce our costs and our environmental impact. Since its inception, we have been staunch supporters of the campaign for smart meters because we believe in its ethical and ecological possibilities. When Smart Energy GB asked us to help them put together a mailing to go to MPs promoting the importance of their work, we jumped at the chance.

This pack is small but mighty. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, has given employment to vulnerable people, and every seed that becomes a tree will contribute to removing CO2 emissions from the environment! Everything that we do has the opportunity to create a smarter future that creates the change we need to restore nature and care for our society better. 

Tree planting is such a simple and effective way to help meet our climate change targets. We’re proud to have partnered with Smart Energy GB and we’d love to see your planting your pledge! Please take a picture and tag @Smart Energy GB on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, using #PlantingMyPledge.

We curated the lowest carbon pack available in the UK and worked with local charities to help people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues or discrimination. Here is a little about the people your packs impacted. 

Elvin is 38 and used to work in the hospitality sector. During the lockdown, he lost his job and his life spiralled out of control. Elvin is currently street homeless. He came into our lives in early September 2021 when we met him while serving food to those needing crisis support. We are looking at ways of giving Elvin permanent regular work. We want to help him get his life back on track and see him smiling again.

Maria was born in London in the 70s and spent 13 years in a children’s home. Like all too many who grew up in similar circumstances, she still experiences mental health issues today. However, work like this helps provide a welcome environment for safe social interaction, and the higher living wage helps Maria feel valued.

Jada worked in the catering industry in the time leading up to lockdown. Catering is an easy way into work, especially for someone as smart as Jada (her GCSE’s were a smattering of 6’s and 7’s), but the work is temporary and the jobs never last long. Jada volunteers mentoring those that, like her, have struggled with mental health issues.

What's in your pack

We worked with Smart Energy GB to design and specify your pack. Every part of the package you received has been thought through to showcase the best of low carbon British manufacturing and sustainability. Your pack is entirely plastic-free and recyclable or home compostable.

Pine tree seed; the Scots Pine is the UK’s only native pine tree, is easy to germinate and grow in a pot and hardy once planted. The Scots Pine is the ideal starter tree to grow from scratch.

Personal letter; The letter is printed on 100% recycled and recyclable paper, double-sided to minimise waste, printed with vegan soy inks, on a press powered by renewable energy.

Tree seedstick envelope; printed with Smart Energy GB logo – made in the UK with Scots Pine tree seeds (Pinus Sylvestris).

The Plant pot; each 8cm pot is compostable, organic and made in the UK.

Cardboard box; 100% recycled and made in the UK, made to protect and keep contents safe while not too big to avoid needless waste.

Label; the label is uncoated, recyclable and made in the UK.

Tissue paper; this acid-free paper is entirely home compostable.