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Our Ethstat Tree Pen was designed for, and used to sign, the Climate Change agreement in the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, which laid the groundwork for the fight against climate change.

The Tree Pen is made in Europe from bio-cornstarch and recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable. Once you’ve used it, you can plant it and grow a tree and save up to one tonne of CO2 for every pen you use.

The Ethstat Tree Pen is unique to us here in the UK, and we are its only distributors. Having worked tirelessly for more than six months to create it, we think this pen is a game-changer. Most plastic pens are made from single use plastic and many are non-recyclable. If you think about just how many pens we get through during the working week alone, the carbon footprint attributed to them is alarming and unnecessary.

Now, with our affordable Ethstat Tree Pen, we can change the way we use an everyday stationery item.  When you plant your pen, the seeds will feed off the cornstarch to grow a tree, wildflower patches, herbs and/or vegetables – the choice is yours.  By switching and planting, you can make the change from putting more carbon into the atmosphere to taking it out.  Available in a handful of styles to suit all tastes, printable with or without your logo, this pen is the greenest pen available in the UK today and only available from us.

14 million of the world’s best-selling disposable pens have been sold every day for the past 50 years. That’s 171 billion single-use plastics in the environment from one pen and one supplier. We think it’s time to do something different.

Product Colour 

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Natural Kraft

14.5cm long x 1.6cm wide

6.3cm long by 1cm

Yes and can be Pantone matched

Cornstarch, recycled kraft card barrel, non-toxic, vegan ink

100% plantable, 100% certified biodegradable, Vegan

The carbon emissions for the world’s best-selling disposable pen, since launch, have been estimated at 3.7billion kg of CO2 – one pen, one product line, one company.  It’s never just a pen.

Product Colour:    Natural Kraft

Product size:   14.5cm long x 1.6cm wide               

Print Area:  6.3cm long by 1cm                   

Branding Options: Yes and can be Pantone matched  

Made From: Cornstarch, recycled kraft card barrel, non-  toxic, vegan ink

Recycle information:  100% plantable, 100% certified biodegradable, Vegan     

The carbon emissions for the best selling disposable pen since it was first launched has been estimated at 3.7 Billion kilos of CO2 – 1 pen, 1 product line, one company.  It’s never just a pen.

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